Dross /drôs, dräs/ noun: something regarded as worthless; rubbish. synonyms: rubbish, junk; foreign matter, mineral waste, or dregs.

Sin-Eater, noun: a man who for a trifling payment was believed to take upon himself, by means of food and drink, the sins of a deceased person.

A spoonful of spent leaves at the bottom of a tea cup, unfurled and swollen with use, tell a story that has long been untold. The dampened dregs tell of a future, if you know how to find it, but also a past haunted by centuries of sin. Appropriated as a colonized commodity when necessary and cast aside as dross when vice outweighed patriotism. The last few leaves tossed out the window, buried within the mundane minutiae of antiquity, the sins of the many drunk up by the never-ending sin-eater that is time.